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About Cablemasters

CABLEMASTERS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aloha Island Cable, Incorporated, a California Corporation. CableMasters was established in 1988 to provide wire cabling and wireless solutions for the full variety of network applications, from small scale local area networks (LAN) to large scale corporate, commercial, academic applications or wide area networks (WAN). Since Incorporation in 1995, CableMasters has grown in revenues, employees, and facilities to meet the demands of growing clients.

CableMasters has worked diligently to establish a positive reputation by being recognized for its high quality solutions, integrity, workmanship and attention to details. CableMasters’ service portfolio provides a total solution for the end user with services that include Telecommunications Consulting, Design, Installation, Project Management, Certification and Warranties.

The cable infrastructures we design and install will last 30 plus years to maximize your investments. Hardware component will last 3 to 5 years so it smarter to make a sound investment in the infrastructure.

CableMasters has a broad band of high quality clients who are leaders in their industries and require the optimum in their network installation. CableMasters attention to details has earned them a continuing support from clients, such as Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Raytheon, Boeing, Garden Grove School District, Saddleback Unified School District, United Airlines, Department of Airports, Los Angeles Community College District, Los Angeles Unified School District, James Perse Clothing, Johnson Controls, Screen Actors Guild, Television Academy of Arts and Science, the US Navy, and others.